Bountiful Bag Pouch

Product Info

Never lose or damage any of your smaller items ever again with this durable Bountiful Bag pouch. Not to mention, it's stylish AND sustainable! 

This pouch is made with up-cycled malt bags that were used in the production of craft beverages at local San Diego breweries including Wild Barrel and distilleries. Each item is handcrafted in San Marcos, CA. 

Approx measurements: 9”x12”


About Bountiful Bag:


The Bountiful Bag rescues hard-to-recycle plastics and fabrics to create sturdy and functional lifestyle products that don’t just look good, but make you FEEL good.

When you choose to purchase a Bountiful Bag, you are helping us keep waste from contaminating our planet AND you are also supporting a small business with a heart.